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In this part of the country, it's not very hard to find a restaurant and grill. You certainly have plenty of options when eating in the area, but we just so happen to be a little partial to ourselves.

It's our sincere belief that we are the top choice for a restaurant and grill in Radford, VA, and we have countless customers who would agree. At Little River Grill, we combine quality food with a casual atmosphere that is open 24/7. We serve the very best in local food, and always use fresh ingredients. We take great pride in being a grill restaurant that doesn't just skirt by on the bare minimum, we truly aim to provide our customers with the best food they'll find in the state.

We aren't here to wine and dine you, we exist to provide fast food that doesn't skimp on quality, and for an affordable price. Our menu has something for everyone, whether you are looking for traditional grill food, barbecue, and breakfast. We never close, and are always ready to accommodate you. 

Each day, we serve up the best burger and fries you'll ever taste. We always use fresh Angus beef, and hand cut our fries every single day to ensure that each batch has that special homemade touch. 

Not in the mood for a burger? Our barbecue selections are just as famous as our burgers. From ribs to BBQ sandwiches, we have what you need when you are craving perfectly cooked meats that have been smoked to perfection. We also have pizza and sandwiches, helping to round out our diverse menu that can always please anyone's cravings. 

Come by yourself, or bring your family and friends. You'll always receive friendly and welcoming service, and food that is fairly priced. 

Come down and visit Little River Grill today to experience some of the best American food you've had, all in a casual, welcoming environment. 


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2395 Tyler Rd
Cambria, VA 24073

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Mon-Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm

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