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Barbecue isn't exactly hard to come by, but good barbecue is. When barbecue is done right, the meat falls off the bone, is full of smokey-sweet flavor, and is cooked just right. Do it wrong, and well, you're doing it a disservice. At Little River Grill, we take barbecue very seriously. In fact, we consider it an art form. That's probably why we have the very best barbecue food in Radford, VA. We go to great lengths each week to ensure that our meat reaches peak quality through smoking and slow cooking. 

As an authentic BBQ restaurant, we offer all of your favorites, including barbecue ribs. In fact, our BBQ ribs are renown throughout the state, with several loyal patrons making the trek here a few times a month to pick up some for themselves and their family. It's that good.

Our atmosphere is just as good as our food. We have a very welcoming and casual atmosphere that is perfect for your family, friends, or just yourself, no matter what time of day. Our staff is always eager to assist, and always happy to see you. We go to great lengths in ensuring a restaurant that is both affordable and welcoming to all.

Barbecue isn't all we have, however. Being a traditional American BBQ and grill, we also offer selections such as burgers and fries, sandwiches, pizza, and even breakfast. Not only do we have a diverse and expansive menu, we are always open, 24/7. That's right, our amazing food is always available, as long as you are. Whether you want a fresh omelet, or a loaded plates of cheese and bacon fries, we're here, and we're open.

If you're looking for the best BBQ food around, you're in luck. Come on by and se us, and experience it for yourself -- you'll be glad you did. 

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